About me

I am Wenjing Ma. I used to be a software engineer. Although being a coder is cool, I still wish to do more. Therefore, I transferred to Bioinformatics to see whether I could do something big and make more impact.

For now, I am a visiting scholar at zanglab@University of Virginia, and I plan to apply for a Ph.D. degree in Bioinformatics or Computational Biology. Through these months of training, I am now familiar with next-generation sequencing techonologies and protocols. Meanwhile, I also developed a web surface named BARTweb .

BARTweb integrates two previously published innovative computational methods, MARGE and BART. It first uses MARGE to generate a genome-wide cis-regulatory profile regulating the genes by leveraging hundreds of publicly available ChIP-seq profiles for active enhancer histone mark H3K27ac and DNase-seq profiles for genome-wide cis-regulatory elements. Then it uses BART to identify a list of transcription factors whose binding profiles most correlate with the cis-regulatory profile by comparing thousands of ChIP-seq datasets in human or mouse.

With increasing amount of ChIP-seq data being published every year, the rapid growth of public data size and intensive computing load make it inconvenient for users to run either MARGE or BART on a personal computer. BARTweb was developed to help users easily use bioinformatics tools with an up-to-date data library, currently including more than 12,000 ChIP-seq datasets for over 800 transcription factors in human and over 500 transcription factors in mouse. BARTweb serves users concurrently by adopting a supercomputer cluster and a Docker container.

My current research interests include the transcriptional regulatory mechanism, single cell related data analysis, and bioinformatics analysis methods development. If you have any questions regarding my academic experiences, please feel free to contact me at mawenjing1993@gmail.com.