About me

Greetings, welcome to my page! I am Wenjing Ma, a third-year Ph.D. student in the CSI Program at Emory University. I obtained my master and bachelor’s degrees both in Computer Science from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT). I was a software engineer after graduation, and thanks to a book - The Gene: An Intimate History, I realized the gap between traditional biology research and advanced computing technology. It led me to Bioinformatics area, to which I can contribute my computer science skills.

Now, I am working with Dr. Hao Wu on cell identification for scRNA-seq datasets. Our paper on the strategies of constructing reference dataset for supervised cell identification has been accepted by Genome Biology. Hooray!! I have finished another rotation project with Dr. Zhaohui “Steve” Qin on cell-type-specific enrichment analysis and we named it LRcell. LRcell is an R Bioconductor package and please feel free to try it with cell markers and desired bulk differentially expressed genes to identify cell-type-specific activity.

Before joining Emory, I was a visiting scholar in Zanglab at the University of Virginia advised by Dr. Chongzhi Zang, and I learned a lot about Next-Generation Sequencing protocols and related analysis methodologies. During my stay at Zanglab, I developed a web tool named BARTweb based on a previous work which has been published in NAR Genomics and Bioinformatics. Please feel free to upload a gene list or a genomic binding profile to make a transcription factors prediction!

My current research interests are (1) method developments in single-cell data analysis, including scRNA-seq and scATAC-seq, (2) apply and develop deep learning methods in identifying cells in multi-omics data, and (3) single cell dynamics. If you happen to be interested in the above areas, please shoot me an e-mail at wenjing.ma@emory.edu and I am more than happy to collaborate!